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some stupid stuff I found on the web.

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Still leading up to moving. Yay. Still waiting to hear about job.

EXCELLENT news though. Abigail will be GONE for most of this week. Til Friday, at some volleyball camp. I'd like to see how her unchallenged OCD goes with this one.

Brad got a callback from someone in Birmingham, Alabama. Which is not Florida, but it's money just the same. Hope he gets it.

GOing to go clean up now.

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I'm doing up my rooms here at my parents house to finally move from Brad's. Yes, I've said this before, but this time I feel different than before. I feel a bit calmer, not too upset most of the time. Only dealing with the burden of getting these two bedrooms in order which are filled with Mom and Dad's shite. I also have to make room for Mel, who will be moving with me.

Later this year once I have money saved up I will be getting my own apartment. I will be free to do what I want with the space that I live in. It will be wonderful and terrible.

I'm starting my Master's degree on Aug 10th. Sent out for financial aid yesterday.

Further updates later.

Culture Club - Miss Me Blind
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I hope MJ kept his rat-bastard of a father out of his will. He used to beat up little Marlon when they were kids. And now he's out using Michael's death to promote some production company. Joe is scum with an 8th grade education level. I hope MJ put that in his will too.
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I feel very odd about Michael Jackson's death. It's one of those things like when Diana died and the news punches you right in the stomach. I feel so sorry for him. I'm just sick to my stomach.

I think that he suffered from child abuse which sparked his own sort of neurosis that led to his odd way of thinking and behavior. He never got the professional help that he needed. At least he is getting peace now. I actually AGREE with Rev. Al Sharpton who said "Let's hope that Michael gets the respect that he deserves in death that he never received in his life."

Here's my favorite Michael Jackson song, my little tribute. Look out for a very young Sean Lennon.

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The people for a Free Iran are being slaughtered in the streets of Tehran. Ahmadinejad (spelling?) needs to be...well, offed if you know what I mean. But, if you look at this video, which is very violent by the way (if you are sensitive do not watch it), I noticed that despite there being snipers on the roof picking off protesters of the "Election", these people don't run away. They stand there. Why? To get proof. Dozens of people are holding up cell phones, cameras, and whatever they have to film what's going on. I'm very proud of them.

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Things are miserable all over. Can't find work. Nobody is fucking hiring or I'm overqualified which is a bullshit excuse not to hire someone with a degree.

Brad and I have had yet another fight. He doesn't care what he says to me and just shits all over me. But that's ok, Katie will get over it. Katie will deal with it. She has to.

I think it is all dwindling down to nothing.

I'm terrified to do anything.

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Still looking for work. This city is dried up. Not surprised.


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I think I have some kind of bad virus like, mono. Which means that Brad probably has it to.

I've had a sore throat for about two weeks, but that has gotten better, but now my ab hurts. So I'm going to BACK to the DR. tomorrow and she'll prolly do a blood test which will make me faint. So best of luck to me, yes?

THank you for all the well wishes I got for graduation. Things went smoothly and they let me out with a degree. Yay.

Troy in the fall. I need to find an apartment for me and Mel. And get a job.

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Final Grades

Some good, not great, but will do.

Sociology of Aging: B
Statistics: C
Professional Counseling: A
Research Methods II: C

So, all in all. Not too bad.

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