Haven't posted in ages. Things are ok. Quit the bank job, started counseling job. Start calling clients tomorrow. Getting over bronchitis and Hurricane Ida coming to soak me. Mom is sick with a cold and Mel is fat but other than that I'm ok.
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Started my Master's today at Troy. Fun! It went really well and Dr. Morocco (yeah, that's his real name) was really funny. He's from New York and somehow wound up in the deep south. He seems happy enough. Went over the assignments that will be expected of us and everything was laid out for us. Seems simple but we'll see how the research goes.

Came home in driving rain and storms, not great conditions for AL/GA highways at night.

Start my job for the investment brokers next Friday, will give me a chance to jumpstart my classwork and buy some more business clothes.

Mel is taking up most of my bed. I'm pleased though. Walked again this morning with Brad. Feel good about self even though I ate Krystals. May not walk in the morning as it may be raining but will walk if it isn't.

Night Night.


Took my drug test for my job. Will meet with Mr. Smith tomorrow.

I start my master's tomorrow. What do I bring? What do I wear?

Got up early and met Brad at the corner. We walked around the lake. Will so every day to get in shape.

I need a new Ricky and Steve podcast.


There are ants in my window at my parent's house. I can see where they were coming in. I used Rope Caulk to seal the slit in the window pane. This sticky stuff worked pretty well UNTIL THEY ATE THEIR WAY THROUGH IT. So I have Industrial Strength Army Ants.

I just squished another glob of the caulky stuff right on top of them. The dislocated ants that wandered up later were relocated to government housing and given a nice pension.

It's late.

Mel is being extra sweet. Must be an earthquake coming.


My two interviews with the guys at the bank went well. I expect to hear back from them soon.

Ah to reenter working world of 9-5 hell. Yay. At least I'll have some cash and be able to pay for school. My apt. my have to be put on hold though. We'll see how much I can save.

Mel is doing well. He's really gotten used to the place.

Does anyone have any old SuperNES games they wanna give me? Don't ask, I was just feeling nostalgic.
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sad kitty

Job interview and Swine Flu

Job interview went well. Have 2nd interview later in the week. Will update.

Found out tonight that Ashleigh (Brad's Daughter) may have contracted N1H1 (swine flu). Both girls with whom she shared a dorm have come been diagnosed with same. Now Ash is sick and I'm staying away from her and Brad for a few days. Abigail will go stay with her mom for a few days as well.

Poor thing. I know she'll be ok but I still worry.

Glad about the interview today though.

Mel is adjusting well and is exploring the rest of the house once the other kitties are in the kitchen for the night. Sometimes he looks at me with pretty wild eyes though.
sad kitty

some improvements

There was some progress today as far as Mel getting used to his new surroundings. He explored the extra room today and jumped on the loveseat, looked out the window. Things that he wouldn't dare do yesterday. He finally used his box for his ones and twos which he hadn't done in about 24 hours. He's exploring things with confidence now and he lets my dad love on his belly. All good signs.

I went to Brad's today and Mom checked on/played with Mel while I was gone. She said he did just fine, mostly napping on the bed.

I'm glad things are getting better becuase Brad doesn't seem too keen on letting Mel stay with him until I get an apt.

"Give him time" he said. This disappointed me because I never really ask Brad for anything. And he can't do this?

When I came home from Brad's, Brad called me to check on Mel. I said he was doing much better. Brad said " I was kind of hoping that he wouldn't." Meaning so Mel would have to come back to his house. What a.....what is the term I'm looking for?... not a jerk...but....a...emotion twister. That kind of thing.

In other news, the "boys" are coming over tomorrow to help Dad throw away about 100 pounds of useless shit in the basement. Fun.
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Not such a good idea.

I don't think that trying to get Mel (my cat) to get used to five other cats at my mom's house is going to work. I should have just let him stay with Brad until I got an apartment. That is still what I might do.

Brad and I were both in tears today. This is not easy. I think the Mel factor made it worse.

Mel is frantically looking around the room and then hiding under the bed. But he seems to be getting better. I just don't know if he will get comfortable. Plus, if I get this job that I'm interviewing for on Monday, then I'll be gone from 8-5pm, leaving Mel all alone all day. There is no way I want to do that.

We'll see, I'm supposed to stay with Brad on Saturday night and I may just bring Mel back to his house then until I get my own apt. in the coming weeks.